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I create partnerships for emerging technology startups. My specialty is in finding opportunities that help startups or divisions of larger companies move to their next stage of growth. I love fast moving, disruptive products that make life more efficient, more productive or simply more enjoyable. I spend much of my time sorting out the value proposition for both companies in a potential partnership, with part of my time being spent on product development or financial analysis.

I currently work for Gimbal, we use bluetooth beacons to communicate with people’s mobile phones to help them better understand what’s around them. For example, our sensors are on parking meters in LA, which can inform your phone of the street sweeping times so you can avoid getting towed. Or if you walk up to a Citibank ATM after hours, if you have their mobile app, the doors will simply unlock without you swiping your card. 

What I do:
Source and initiate strategic partnerships
Write and negotiate term sheets
Help guide product development roadmaps

Negotiation and redline contracts
Build and iterate financial models

My Work History:
Gimbal (current) 
New York, NY
Business Development, US East and EMEA
Using a unique combination of geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and analytics, Gimbal’s end-to-end platform gives you a powerful and effective way to interact with mobile app users.

Sony Music  New York, NY
Short term project for Global Digital Business group. Created financial models, negotiated deal terms, supported expansion of several deals from US to worldwide licenses including Apple Music and other streaming music services.

Independent Startup Consultant  Multiple Cities
Provided consulting services focusing on strategic partnerships and product development, mostly in emerging technologies.
• Identifying sales/partnership targets, securing meetings, drafting term sheets, contract negotiation.
• Writing wireframes, investigating new technologies, managing developers.
• Building financial models for new companies and new product lines.
• Using lean startup methodologies to quickly test and iterate on new business ideas.

Hearst Magazines New York, NY
Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Platforms
My role at Hearst was to guide magazine brands in developing mobile roadmaps for ‘eReader’ devices including iPad, Android tablets, Nook, Kindle, and Playbook. My internal clients include a dozen brands such as Esquire, Cosmo, Car and Driver, Food Network. I also had a central role in the creation of non-magazine ‘utility apps’.

Tagga Media (acquired by Campaign Monitor) Vancouver, BC & New York, NY
Business Development 
Tagga Media developed a platform for creating mobile websites, SMS campaigns and QR codes for consumer marketing. I was hired to establish a NYC office and build relationships with agencies and brands.

Tapioca Mobile (acquired by Qualcomm) San Diego, CA
Director, Business Development
Tapioca Mobile was a technology startup focused on delivering video to mobile phones regardless of make and model. I led a BD team of 3 focused on constructing deals with national broadcast as well as local TV affiliates.

Gizmo5 (acquired by Google) San Diego, CA
Director, Business Development
Gizmo5 was a VoIP software company and direct competitor to Skype. My role was to close deals with mobile phone manufacturers, social communities and anywhere else our mobile and desktop software could be installed.

Lindows Software (acquired by Xandros) San Diego, CA & Melbourne, Australia
Business Development Manager / Country Manager, Australia
Lindows was a desktop Linux software company with the ability to run native Windows programs, resulting in IT cost savings. I initially worked as business devel mgr in San Diego and in the final year moved to Australia to establish a new distribution network. (crushed and acquired by Universal) San Diego, CA
Marketing Manager / Product Manager, Licensing
At MP3, I managed initiative to allow movie studios to license music for films through a self-serve web interface. Prior to that, I implemented sponsorship deals and new product/artist launches.

Capitol Records Hollywood, CA
Marketing Coordinator (Part-time while finishing college)
At Capitol, I established college internships in 28 cities across the US, recruiting and managing individuals for each market. We designed guerilla marketing plans specialized to each artist (from rock stars to unknown artists).


New York University – Investment Banking Certificate
Coursework in investment banking, financing new businesses, valuing companies, preparing and analyzing financial statements, risk management techniques, negotiation, conflict and dispute resolution, global affairs.

San Diego State University – B.S. in Business Management, minor in traditional jazz