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I originally created this website as a place where friends and family could see what I was up to, view some photos, whatever. I found that adding my other projects to the site actually motivates me to work on them more. 

My former lives include playing sax in all sorts of touring bands and traveling the US for hockey tournaments.

I currently live in New York City doing strategic partnerships for tech startups. I believe in continual self-improvement, both from a professional (see or and personal standpoint ( or I consider myself a political centrist, social liberal, fiscal moderate. I despise arrogance, ignorance, and greed. I use the Oxford comma. I'm not religious but have read a dozen religious canons and theist-atheist debate books. I have a constant hunger to learn new things and conquer new challenges.

The image of the Brooklyn Bridge at the top is one that I took from the waterfront in Dumbo. I never get tired of this city.

See you soon!

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